Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last weekend, i was asked to shoot my friend's great-niece's christening - and prior to that, some shots of her in her christening dress to hand out in frames as give-aways. GAAAAH - i love taking pictures and wish i was making money at it so that i could retire and do what i love -

Instead of a guest book, a picture with a large mat to be signed.

Really a happy girl, didn't cry when water was poured on her little head.
But i believe that even though she's truly a Daddy's girl, she had a little crush on the priest.

A busy, but totally fun day.

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  1. Hi again. OK. 1. These are really good. You capture moments. and 2. you need to keep taking photos, wondering why you stop posting them in April? You still taking them, I hope? Because creativity is SO important, it's good for the soul... :) so get back at it! OK that was my inner cheerleader speaking, and I though I'd lost her around 1991, LOL.... I'd love to see more photography!