Sunday, September 13, 2009

You're Only One, Once.

Or is that redundant?
Last June, my friend's niece asked if i would come take photos for their daughter's first birthday.

Being a sucker for anything regarding kids AND photos, naturally, i said yes.

One year olds, have a way of not cooperating for the camera. Usually. This one, though, is starting to be a bit of a hambone and really likes the photos.

Of herself, that is.


Pure hambone.

Her birthday cupcakes.

Everyone was happy to see everyone else.

And this one, while not the Birthday Girl, fell in love with the Fritos.

And this little princess is the birthday girl, with her daddy.

This little cutie-pie, is also a photo hambone. She wanted to be in every.single.picture. Even the family ones.

Sometimes, it's easier to just roll with it than fight it. Then, you take her and give her her own photo shoot.And she is a happy girl.

And she thought the butterfly pinata was pretty. The other kids, however, were salivating over the possiblity of candy, candy and more candy.

They weren't far off.

Oh, the humanity. The carnage. I--i must look away.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. May all your birthdays...and the rest of your one big adventure.

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