Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally - Truth in Advertising.

After two years of fair photo contests, art association photo contests, online photo contest and what not...i won.

So what if it's 3rd? Dude. I won.

This is my niece. Little hambone, she knows how to work the camera. She knows how to project and how to give her auntie what she wants, even if auntie doesn't even know what SHE wants, sometimes.

She also knows how to work her auntie. Like her brother.

This year at the OC Fair, my girlie was next to the winner. So i was hoping that maybe a little of the winner ju-ju would rub off on me.

And it did.

The Anaheim Art Association was kind enough to pick it as their 3rd prize for photography.

Now i can add 'award winning photographer' to my resume...and my business cards.


1 comment:

  1. Okay Miss Valerie. I did not KNOW you had a freakin' photog blog!! I LOVE it!!
    I am your first official follower and I am proud of that fact.
    I think you are wonderful and your work is wonderful. You have talent girlie.