Saturday, October 17, 2009

San Francisco via Reno.

Last month - the Husband & i took a road trip to Reno...on the way to San Francisco.

Road trips rock. If you're not driving (me? drive his sacred car? not a chance), you get time to stare out the window, look at farms lining the 99 and think - 'hm..wonder if i can do that in Farmtown/Farmville?'

Then you think - 'my gawd, i need a life.'

Then you finally hit Reno, and your brother & sister in law, their kids and your husband's cousin visiting from Ireland.

Then you get in some pimp photo love.


It's hard to get good shots of him. He's at that age where he'd rather make goofy stupid faces. But sometimes, the stars align and he cooperates and then all i wanna do is shower him with hugs.

But he's at that age. There will be no hugging, especially in front of his friends.

None of those problems with this one. 'Photo shoot, auntie? But of course. I would fancy a go at it!'

After a few days there, we drove on over to the home of Journey, Rice-a-Roni, sourdough bread and Levis.

The Golden Gate Bridge, from the Presidio. We spent two hours there, just looking around and checking out the Walt Disney Family Museum. Totally cool. The animated model of Disneyland was beyond cool.

I don't know who Gavin Coombs is, but i still love Dick Dasterdly from the Wacky Races.

Just above this harbor, is Alcatraz.

We didn't tour it this time, the Rock, it was depressing on the inside.

Not that i expect prisons to be a ride at Disneyland, but man. I was never happier to be out of a building than i was that day when we toured it.

Made me think that's where Debbie Downer got her inspiration.

And on that note...

Later - Santa Cruz, San Jose and whatever else i can find.

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