Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vacation - Part Deux.

Yes, i realize it's been, oh....fourteen days since i last said, 'oh i'll post part two of the vacation.' Life, as usual, i allowed to get in my way.

Well, that and watching a lot of infomercials.

Let's get on with this era's version of home movies, shall we?

On our way back home, we did many day trips. One was here in Santa Cruz, where we cruised the Boardwalk, checking out the rides and going on none of them. Apparently, each ride has it's own price - this coaster for example, was, i think, $6 a ride. Daaaaang.

This merry-go-round is over a hundred years old and has (according to the plaque outside)been lovingly refurbished to it's original luster.

I hope when i hit a hundred that i am lovingly refubished to my original luster...whatever that was. Then the Husband took a picture of me. I'm not sure if my look of disgust is because he DID take one of me or that he didn't take the shot vertically...and use the zoom.

I so gotta school him.

It got boring, looking at all the things we didn't want to spend money on. So we moved on to further explore Santa Cruz, and eventually found Mission Santa Cruz.

I have a thing about the California Missions. Absolutely love 'em. Love exploring. Love the history. And yes, love shooting them.

Moving deeper into the hills & woods of Santa Cruz - we found...


Cool woods. I though to myself, there ain't no way i would be Just ain't a-gonna happen.
Freaky. Cool, but freaky.

For those of you asking, if you have ever been to Knott's Berry Farm and remember the old Mystery Shack, well, that's what this is. Only bigger. And more mysterious.

The Husband, reminding me of the old 'Keep on Truckin'' icon from the early 70s.

Your last stop on my vacation is the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The rooms are amazing, or so i've been told, but unfortunately, the manager on duty that day was cranky and in need of a Midol. He wouldn't let us look at a room.

Brendan, however, did get a peek at the men's room, where the urinals is water trickling down a stone wall.

Boys get all the fun.

Wish i could've seen more. Oh well, there's always next time...and next trip.


  1. al of this. I so want to get back to CA and shoot photos. So many beautiful spots. I have heard abut this inn...sooo...didn't you send in the camera with that cute husband of yours?? I wanna see the urinals!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I've heard about that urinal - guess the waterfall helps get things going, eh?